Photograph of the AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra
AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra

I recently bought an AVerMedia Live Game Ultra to replace my few-year-old Elgato HD60 S. I wanted something that can pass through 4K video from current consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. While also allowing me to downsample to record and stream in HD. And I figured it could be valuable to try out an AVerMedia product because up until now, I have primarily used Elgato. The Live Gamer Ultra captures video and audio separately, which is a bit different if you’re used to Elgato products.

The way I had mine set up in OBS is what caused my problem. I first added a Video Capture Device and set it to the Live Gamer Ultra. Then in the settings for that source, I checked the box to use a custom audio device and selected HDMI (Live Gamer Ultra-Audio) from the dropdown.

It seemed to work fine for a while, but after a few minutes of recording or streaming, the audio would drift and no longer sync up with the video. I thought it was maybe a framerate issue, so I tried both 59.94 and 60 fps, and the problem was present in both.

Ultimately the solution I found was to set up the audio as a separate source. You need to add a new Audio Input Capture and choose the correct option from the dropdown. Once I did this, everything seemed to work fine. I’m not sure if the problem is more with the AVerMedia device or with OBS itself. Still, it appears that when set as the video source’s custom audio device, the drifting issue is present, so separate the audio and video.

It makes my OBS setup a little messier, having two sources and two sets of meters in the Audio Mixer. But to avoid that, I just wound up hiding the video source’s audio meters in the mixer. Then I created a nested scene containing both the video and audio sources to add to other scenes.

I thought maybe I was clever in how I had it set up, but instead, I caused myself some problems. If you have the Live Gamer Ultra, just set it up as multiple sources instead of trying to be fancy. Things should work better, and you can get back to streaming or recording.