Last week they released the Jedi Consular Class Video, and to be honest, I couldn’t be more excited. I think I now know what class I will play when I finally get the game. The Jedi Consular reminds me a lot of a Paladin from games like World of Warcraft: Combat ready with an arsenal of healing spells and buffs. They really did a great job showing off the class’ different skills and abilities in this video.

A new Developer Walkthrough video has gone up that was also premiered at Comic Con. This time they take us alongside players in one of the earlier Flashpoints in the game for Republic players, The Esseles.

In it we get to see a lot of PvE combat and the roles that each class will play in battle. It is exciting and really makes me want to get my hands on this game already.

Also if you couldn’t tell by the screenshot I chose, I’m also excited that there will be Mon Calamari characters in the game. Here’s hoping they become a playable race at some point, so I could delight myself and annoy others by having my character run around screaming “It‘s a trap!”

Yesterday was the first day of the 2011 San Diego Comic Con where they held a Star Wars: The Old Republic conference. During which they showed off a new gameplay trailer called “Join The Fight”. It is available on the SWTOR website and on their YouTube channel, but I’ve also embedded it here on Old Republic Insider, for your viewing pleasure.

The video gives a quick glimpse of each of the character classes we will be able to play when the game comes out later this year, Jedi Knight, Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Consular, Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, and Sith Inquisitor. The gameplay looks incredible with massive battle fields, beautiful effects, and tons of PVP. Seeing videos like this makes the wait until launch that much harder to bear.

Welcome to Old Republic Insider. Our goal with this blog is to be your stop for all the latest news, interviews, details, and information regarding the game that we are all looking forward to – Star Wars: The Old Republic. We will try to bring you the best content that is available before launch, and once BioWare, EA, and LucasArts release the game we will cover a lot of in game content as well. You can always help out by submitting content to us through our tips form or you can shoot over an email.

F.lux ↗︎

I highly recommend you check out this app. It’s a cross-platform app that dims your screen and adjusts the colors as night time comes. You enter your location and around sunset, it starts to adjust your screen to simulate sunset. It’s good for your eyes and sleeping schedule since we weren’t made to stare into bright lights (monitors) for 16+ hours a day.

I’ll tell you, the first day I used it, it put me right to sleep. It’s tough to keep it on if you’re doing design work since it adjusts the colors on your monitor, but if you’re writing, coding, blogging, or just surfing it’s definitely a great app to have running.

I am always on the lookout for new music, and occasionally I will find something that just blows my mind. That was the case with Anamanaguchi. I played Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game on Xbox Live Arcade and there was just something about the whole retro vibe that caught me. I really dug the music and eventually bought the soundtrack, and that is where I heard the name Anamanaguchi. I have since bought two more of their albums and I’m having a blast listening to it all.

The albums are apparently recorded with a hacked Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy, and when they play live, they play over the recordings with real instruments.

Definitely check them out if you think it’s something you might be into. Since they’re a New York band I might try to see them live one of these days.

Uses This ↗︎

This is a pretty cool interview site about what hardware and software people are using to get their work done. The interviewees are mostly from the tech industry, but there are musicians, writers, illustrators, programmers, etc. Look for names you recognize and get reading, it’s pretty interesting, and you might even find some things you’d like to add to your own setup.

Everyone should know that inline CSS is a bad thing. You always want to use external stylesheets, or in some cases (like I do with single page sites), put all your styles in the HTML <head>. You never want to use the style attribute and embed your CSS. It makes it a more difficult, time consuming process to make changes to the document since you usually have to make the same change in many places. When you do this you cannot reuse styles or apply them to multiple elements, you’ll need to have the style on every element you want it to be applied to.

This tip was meant to warn you against something worse than that, embedded CSS in dynamic content. If you have sections of your page being generated by a higher level language such as Ruby/Rails, PHP, Python, ASP.NET, etc., you should NEVER have embedded CSS code in them. Use class names and IDs instead.

This sometimes leads to the inline styles being in a completely different document than where you’re seeing them displayed. Finding and updating these is even more difficult and time consuming than regular inline styles. Some of the projects I’ve been working on at my job have inline CSS hidden deep within ASP files and it makes it very difficult to change something as simple as text color since you need to scour the project looking for where that code is generated.

I’m serious about this one, I have no idea why I’m paying $99 a year for it. Originally I signed up for push email, contacts, and calendars. On top of that, there was the included bonus of online iDisk space, and then they added in Find My iPhone. It seemed like a really good value and worth the investment.

Since then, Google has introduced Google Sync which offers push Gmail, contacts, and calendars for free. Apple itself has made Find My iPhone free. And I’ve wound up never using iDisk because Dropbox is free, and offers more features. It might only be 2 GB for free on Dropbox but I’ve never used more than that.

My MobileMe account recently renewed, so I have it for another year, but if Apple doesn’t give me a reason to stick around I won’t. $99 a year is kind of high when there are free alternatives that work better and in many cases offer more flexibility and bigger feature sets.

MobileMe does have one of the best looking user interfaces on the web, but that alone doesn’t make the service worth the cost.

If you are building a website you need to start off with a clean slate and to do that you need a CSS reset. it is a small stylesheet that removes most, if not all of the browsers’ default styles. It eliminates many of the inconsistencies between the different browsers and truly lets you start from the bottom.

There are a lot of CSS resets available, just about every CSS framework comes with one (more on those and why I don’t like them in another post). I always use Eric Meyer’s Reset CSS. Just copy and paste or @import it into your existing stylesheet and get to work.

Most of the projects I work on at my job do not make use of a style reset, so I am constantly switching between browsers and wrestling to get things to look as close to the same as possible. When I start new projects, I start with a reset and I almost never have to worry about browser quirks. Of course there are still some issues, but they are usually fewer and easier fixes when you start with the reset.

If you aren’t already, you must start using one. For something so quick to implement it really does save you a lot of time down the road.

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