black Sony PS4 wireless controller
Photo by Fabian Albert on Unsplash

Joe is a web and mobile app developer based in New York. He is also someone who really likes video games.

He spent his teen years working at Blockbuster Video and some of his early twenties working at GameStop. While at Blockbuster, many slow nights were spent playing the rental Nintendo 64 games on a Pokémon Snap Station in the middle of the store. GameStop fired him for not tucking in his shirt.

He briefly attended DigiPen Institute of Technology while pursuing a career in video game design and development. Unfortunately, he dropped out after a while and didn’t really stick with it. Creating games is still a desire of his, so he’s been experimenting with Unity, PICO-8, and Playdate development.

Through his web development career, he has worked for Gary Vaynerchuk as well as built digital publishing tools at Condé Nast. Start-up projects of his own have been invited to participate in incubator programs run by NEA and VentureCrushFG. He’s decided to use the experience he’s gained over the years to launch this website.

But in all honesty, Joe would rather talk about video games than about himself in the third-person.