I have to thank Gizmodo for this one, I wouldn’t have known about this had I not checked their site. AT&T is a sponsored link on Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine. On certain partners, Bing is offering cashback deals if you search through them and purchase something. AT&T and Bing are offering 35% cashback for orders. I can’t make a guarantee that this will work, but I ordered one last night so I will keep you updated. You need to search Bing for something like “ATT”, “ATT Wireless”, or “iPhone 3GS”. You will see the sponsored links at the top, and the AT&T one has the gold coin icon next to it indicating that there is a cashback deal. You need to create a Bing cashback account, and all your purchases should get listed on your Bing account page within 48 hours. I made my purchase about 18 hours ago and it isn’t listed yet. You get your money back after a waiting period via check or PayPal. If you had plans of buying an iPhone anyway, this is a great deal, or if like me you weren’t eligible for an upgrade this significantly lessens the blow of AT&T’s $200 early upgrade fee. Let me know if it’s worked for you.

Update 6/27/09: According to an email I just got from a Bing representative this offer is only good for new accounts, no upgrades.