In what would seem to be the complete opposite of a good business decision, Amazon has come out and decided that they are going to help Kindle competitors… kind of. They are considering their Kindle hardware and Kindle bookstore as two separate businesses entirely. For the Kindle bookstore division to do well they need to make the books readable on a larger quantity of devices which would increase their sales. This also means they are creating competition for the hardware division, but it could force them to make better devices at more competitive prices. Apple stuck to the complete opposite mindset with the iPod, they had a completely closed system and it’s worked wonders for them. They are now the largest music retailer in the US and they have the best selling device as well. Amazon has already taken the first steps by releasing the Kindle source code including drivers and such. I can’t wait to see how this works out for Amazon. I probably would have eventually bought a Kindle, but now I just might buy another company’s e-reader that can read Kindle books.