Apparently Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick has gone on record talking trash about how Sony is handling their video game division. I know a lot of consumers have been unhappy with Sony this console generation but this is the first time I know of where a big name in the industry has spoken out about it. Activision Blizzard is the largest third-party developer out there and I’m sure their actions can affect the industry quite a bit. Kotick says that sales numbers are slowing on the PlayStation 3 and PSP and they are costing more to develop for so they aren’t seeing a great enough return on investment for development. If Sony doesn’t drop prices and do something to increase sales Activision might consider dropping the systems in the next few years. This probably won’t have any immediate ramifications but I hope Sony is listening. I am an owner of both the PS3 and PSP and I don’t even feel like Sony wants to support them any longer. I use my Xbox 360 so many times more often than I even turn on my PS3. Hopefully, things change in the years to come, and this might just be the start of it.