I missed the boat on these technologies, but thankfully I just found out about them. Cappuccino is a rapid web development framework for building online applications. It is built with Objective-J, a JavaScript superset based on Objective-C. 280 North, the creators of Cappuccino then used Cappuccino to build Atlas, a development environment for building Cappuccino apps which looks heavily based on Apple’s Xcode, and Interface Builder tools. Having built a few small iPhone apps I can say for sure that Objective-J and Atlas borrow copiously from Apple. But this is a good thing. Objective-C and Apple’s toolsets made programming more accessible to everyone and especially with the iPhone, it seemed like everyone learned enough to make at least one app. Their promise here is that you will never have to write a line of HTML or CSS, this is great for people who just want to build applications. They don’t have to worry about coding out the design and browser compatibility and whatnot. With these tools you build web apps to function more reminiscent of desktop application development and they want your web apps to function more like desktop apps. I am a big fan of web technologies and was amazed when I saw their tech videos. This is something to keep an eye on if you are in the industry, this could be the next big breakthrough.