I’m serious about this one, I have no idea why I’m paying $99 a year for it. Originally I signed up for push email, contacts, and calendars. On top of that, there was the included bonus of online iDisk space, and then they added in Find My iPhone. It seemed like a really good value and worth the investment.

Since then, Google has introduced Google Sync which offers push Gmail, contacts, and calendars for free. Apple itself has made Find My iPhone free. And I’ve wound up never using iDisk because Dropbox is free, and offers more features. It might only be 2 GB for free on Dropbox but I’ve never used more than that.

My MobileMe account recently renewed, so I have it for another year, but if Apple doesn’t give me a reason to stick around I won’t. $99 a year is kind of high when there are free alternatives that work better and in many cases offer more flexibility and bigger feature sets.

MobileMe does have one of the best looking user interfaces on the web, but that alone doesn’t make the service worth the cost.