I figured that since I don’t really do too much with this blog, I might as well try and do at least something with it. I’m going to start reviewing all kinds of stuff. Gadgets, video games, software, web services, and applications, maybe even some movies and music. I’ve never really done anything like this in any kind of semi-professional way so it might be a little rocky at first. As I go, I will decide on the format of my reviews, and how I will rate things. Maybe a 1-10 scale, maybe 1-100. Since I’m new to this and I know I don’t have any readers or advertisers, I will start off by reviewing things that I already own and have paid money for. Also, if that is the case you will know that the reviews are unbiased and not compromised in any way. So stay tuned and hopefully I will have a pack of reviews up soon.