I remember playing this game maybe 10 or more years ago on America Online. You would type in an AOL Keyword and the game would load up. I haven’t thought about it much since, and then I just saw it on the App Store and had to get it. Again, this game benefits from the Apple iPhone’s touch controls, it seems to just fit.

The game is played on an 8×8 grid, and you and another player take turns placing pieces on the grid. If you place four pieces to create a square you get points. The larger the square the more points you get, you even get extra points for squares that are at an angle. The game goes up to 150 points and the first player to reach it wins the game. It is almost exactly the same as the version I remember.

Placing the pieces with your finger seems very natural as opposed to clicking with a mouse. The graphics are crisp and look great on the small screen. The game also comes with a couple of different skins so you can change how the board and the pieces look.

It is a fun game but I got up to level 10 or so and I couldn’t outplay the computer. Playing the game multiplayer is a little more fun because you don’t have a super-smart computer opponent. Unless you’re playing someone with a really high IQ you should be pretty evenly matched with another human. If you like brain games that make you think and analyze your moves you’ll like this. And if you’ve played the old one back on AOL you might want to get it just for old times sake like I did.