I decided that today I would grace everyone with my thoughts on the rumored 3rd-generation iPod nanos that are on the brink of release.

Apple has always been known for its aesthetically pleasing and artistic design sense, (have you seen the iPhone or the newest iMacs?) but this new nano is the complete opposite of what they’ve made a name for themselves doing. I’m saying this as though I’ve seen definitive proof of their design… well, I believe the renders floating around to be legit. Apple’s legal department has been going crazy sending out letters to have the images removed from sites, and from what I hear, they only bother when it’s actual product information or designs. I think it’s a step backward in their design. It looks like the iPod’s fat cousin. It might only be redeemed if the thing is thinner than the original nano by at least half, and have twice as much storage. Don’t call me an Apple hater either, because I’ve had iPods, I have an iPhone, and I’m on the verge of purchasing a MacBook. I just think the thing is ugly. Maybe they’ll pull a Sony and completely redesign it before launch like the original design of the PlayStation 3 controller.