Playing with Dynamite is a new technology site by me, the guy behind old project name, and another old project name. I’m kind of new at this, so cut me some slack and leave feedback via email.

I have no resources or industry contacts so I won’t be able to get any breaking news. I’m going to cover a wide range of topics that could be considered technology related, such as gadgets, software, video games, web technologies, etc. I will try to categorize and tag the content as best I can to make it easy to find what you want.

In the next year or so I would love to see the site grow, maybe bring on new writers, start a podcast, and make the right contacts to get pre-release info or devices to write about. For the site to grow I need your help! If you like the site, subscribe to the RSS, tell your friends about the site, post on Twitter or Facebook, link to us from your site, do whatever you can to help, but most importantly just read and enjoy the site. Thanks.