I stumbled upon this article, I Am a Game School Dropout while in a fog at work today (I spend a good portion of my workday on the Internet slacking off). It kind of struck a chord with me because I too attended a college program for video game design/programming. I attended DigiPen in the Fall of 2003, and this article sounds very much like the experience I had. I would venture to say that it was DigiPen that the author attended as well. I agreed with a lot of the sentiments she wrote about, like the militaristic approach to pumping out graduates just to fill seats at development studios and not work on original projects, just do what they’re told for hours on end. It is very sad for the industry that this is how new talent is brought into the fold. They should nurture originality and the indie spirit, it will do nothing but revive the industry and fill it with better content for us all to enjoy. If you fancy yourself a person who is into video games you might want to check the article out.