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Welcome to my playthrough of Pokémon Violet on Nintendo Switch. I started it on launch day and have recorded my entire playthrough, including the story and filling out my Pokédex. At this point I’ve played or beaten nearly every Pokémon game that has come out since I got Pokémon Red on my original Game Boy.

In this video we finally make our way to the Uva Academy, after exploring around Mesagoza of course. On our way, we help out Penny as she is being confronted by Team Star. After an introduction to our classmates at school and a few introductions to folks like Professor Turo, we time skip a little bit and set off on our great “Treasure Hunt”. Arven, Nemona and the mysterious Cassiopeia all want us to help them out but we can choose a path of our own. Before deciding which path to go down we stop to catch some more Pokémon like Pachirisu, Pichu and Wingull.

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